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May, 06 | 2023
twelve o’clock – 12PM – 4PM | New York

  • Brasil – 1PM – 5PM
  • London – 5PM – 9PM
  • Ottawa – twelve o’clock – 4PM
  • Buenos Aires – 1PM – 5PM
  • India (standard time) – 9PM – 1AM
  • Pakistan – 9PM – 1AM
  • Bangaladesh – 10PM – 2AM
  • Greece – 7PM – 11PM
  • Trindade e Tobago – twelve o’clock – 4PM
  • Spain – 6PM -10PM
  • Malásia – midnight – 4AM
  • México – 11AM – 3PM

Thalassemia is a rare condition, and for that reason, there are very few opportunities for communication and interaction between patients, which intensifies doubts, fears, isolation and prejudice.

Thinking about the positive impact of the previous editions, in the context of socialization and, mainly, the value of exchanging experiences and ideas, Abrasta, in partnership with the Thalassemia International Federation, will hold the 3rd Digital Meeting with participants from different countries.

The participants will have an opportunity to meet other people with the same condition and share their individual experiences of living with thalassemia. They will also be invited to speak about relationships, work, challenges and achievements. This virtual meeting will foster a sense of belonging, welcoming, inspiration and will be a great opportunity to form new friendships.

The event will run for 4 hours on May 06 and will offer simultaneous translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The participants will be divided into three rooms, according to age, and will be discussing different topics such as:

Room 1 – Parents

  • Family
  • Fear of loss: how to cope with the fear of losing a child
  • Challenges related to blood transfusion
  • Treatment adherence
  • Therapeutic advances and innovations based on where the person lives
  • Children’s independence

Room 2 – 14 to 26 years old

  • Transition to adulthood: starting college, moving to another city, transferring treatment, travel and exchange programs
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Relationship, sexuality and fertility
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Treatment adherence and the importance of chelation therapy

Room 3 – 27+ years old

  • Comprehensive care: from pediatric to adult
  • Financial impact and burden
  • Secondary diseases
  • Nutrition
  • Patient rights
  • Education and resources: be and expert in your own care
  • Job market

this edition brings something new!

We will gather health experts and patients to talk about new treatments and their benefits, including integrative medicine for a life of well-being and balance in didactic language with a focus on the patient.

Talent show for people with thalassemia

During the intermissions we will be featuring videos submitted by showcasing your talent. Whether you can sign, dance, mime, play an instrument etc we want to hear from you! Send us a video, remember it should not be more than 3 minutes maximum.

Show us your talent! Singup and click on yes when we ask about your interest in participating.

Important! The videos will be pre-selected by the number of votes, which will be the interactions in each video on Abrasta’s Youtube channel. 

When you sign up for our event, the “Talent Show” option will appear. Just click there and send your video to [email protected] by May 1, 2023. Don’t forget that the time limit is up to 3 minutes and it must be filmed horizontally.


Join us! It is free to sign up

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